Puccini´s La Bohème Botón scroll

International Opera Studio (IOS) is a pioneer experience in Spain, which will provide novel singers, who have the potential to become the leading artists of their generation, with the highest proficiency to reach that target. Through IOS these novel singers will be able to manage masterfully the transition between the end of their academic-vocal life and the beginning of their professional career.


Successful candidates will work hand by hand with highly regarded professionals in the operatic world, to build artistic expressions of the highest quality. The IOS 2016 artistic staff has figures of the category of Raina Kabaivanska, Chris Merritt, Ignacio García, Michal Znaniecki and José Gómez

Headquarters: Gijón

International Opera Studio welcomes young artists in Gijón, its summer headquarters, next to the mighty Cantabrian Sea. With over 5000 years history, this city, molded by civilizations such as the Romans, the Goths and the Arabs, finds in its Cantabrian Sea the best expression of its links with culture, commerce and civilization.

Gijón atardeciendo

Our headquarters are in an unsurpassable place, in the center of the city and ready to host all the formative and musical needs of the program. Teatro Jovellanos complements IOS campus and offers its emblematic stage to host the premiere of IOS opera productions.

Presentation 2016

International Opera Studio's activities 2016-17 will develop around two opera productions: La Sonnambula (V. Bellini) and Un Ballo in Maschera (G. Verdi). Each one of the opera productions will have two performances, one per cast. Performances for La Sonnambula will take place on July 8th and 9th 2016 while the ones for Un ballo in maschera will do it in September 3rd and 4th 2016, at Teatro Jovellanos (Gijón). IOS program consists of two periods: First, the summer season, in which Gijon hosts the preparation and premiere of the selected operas; and, secondly, the artistic tour, where the productions may be represented in national and international theaters


Defending culture is to stand up for society's identity and, specifically ours, has a very strong desire for culture. Our commitment of locating International Opera Studio (IOS) in Spain provides that country of a first class lyrical expression and bids to correspond to the demands of its society. A project like IOS would not have full sense without the confluence of institutional, social and economic agents.